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Changes are coming in TV audience measurement-Meet VOZ


In the first quarter of 2020 a new measurement system incorporating BVOD and TV viewing will launch into the Australian market. In terms of TV audience measurement, it is the biggest change since the move to OZTAM and is arguably more important.

What is VOZ?

VOZ stands for Virtual Australia and is the core of the new Total Australian TV viewing measurement system. It combines FTA and Pay TV viewing numbers with Connected TV BVOD viewing numbers. It does not include streaming services such as Netflix, Stan, Disney + etc; it measures only the FTA networks, Foxtel, SBS and the ABC.

The goal is to provide one metric that allows cross platform planning and reporting for TV campaigns. Where previously we could only provide reach and frequency numbers for traditional TV viewing campaigns, we will now be able to provide an overall reach number and campaign performance that incorporates BVOD.

Why is this important?

  • It will allow advertisers to have a common set of audience segments across all broadcast partners, enabling consistent planning and post analysis outcomes. It will provide deeper audience targeting than the traditional demographic, socio-economic and age targeting we have used previously.
  • Not only will the advanced segments be available, we will be able to measure length of viewing, channel and programme preferences, on which device and their preferred mix, as well as the volume of people watching and ultimately, reach into overall target audiences.
  • Advertisers and agencies will benefit from more accurate reflection of their campaign performance, whether it be nationally or on a market by market basis. This will enable advertisers to better understand the impact of their broadcast video campaigns and allocate budgets more efficiently and effectively.
  • From the networks perspective, they will be able to see the incremental reach that is delivered by their BVOD products (as well as advertisers) and then allocate budgets accordingly.

Are there any privacy implications with VOZ?

No, the data is anonymised and based on the latest information that will enable an accurate representation of the Australian population, meaning everyone can have confidence in the numbers provided.

What impact do we believe VOZ will have?

Paykel believes that BVOD share of the video budget will increase as VOZ will allow us to measure the incremental reach impact on specific audiences. This de-duplication of the audience will be invaluable and while there may not be much impact on social media video, other video providers will lose spend to BVOD.

With VOZ, the implication is that BVOD will play a much larger role going forward within the allocation of digital video budgets.

It will also make it easier for clients / advertisers to move budget from offline activity to digital video with more confidence about audiences being impacted, as there will be a much more accountable and accurate measurement system in place.

Contact Paykel and we’ll help you make the most of your video spend using VOZ technology.

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