We made it.

We made it!

First of all, we understand that 2020 was something that none of us could foresee and a year like no other, with people impacted both personally and professionally. But together we made it through.

We are so proud of all our clients who have shown resilience and agility throughout last year, who persevered alongside us in order to propel us all forward. We can now say with complete confidence: let’s get back to business.

Here at Paykel we saw 2020 as an opportunity to rejuvenate our brand, expand our talented team, and really set ourselves up to service you in a bigger and better way than ever before.

A Quick Recap…

Last November, we shared the exciting news that Sarah Keith had joined our team as the new Managing Director.

She kicked off with some important words:

“I see an enormous opportunity for growth for Paykel Media and its clients. The potential is real. My aim is to go beyond what’s expected from an indie in Australia.”

More agility less bureaucracy

Sarah talked to Mi3 all things media and shouted out for more agility and less bureaucracy.
Paykel is seeking partnership opportunities across e-commerce, production and content creation in bid to broaden our offer to our clients, and continues to focus on alternative media channels for clients looking beyond TV, Facebook and Google.

“There’s no doubt clients are looking for not just expertise but also the responsiveness from their agency partners. That’s where being part of an independent business has its advantages.” Sarah Keith, Managing Director, Paykel Media.

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Plans for clients and agency growth

Sarah Keith took the opportunity to discuss in MediaWeek how being small and independent really gives us flexibility in terms of what we can do for clients.

We are looking to see how we can accelerate the growth and success of our clients with new media, new media ideas and new media partnerships, while still holding true to our long-standing business relationships.

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Why AI-powered e-commerce and QR codes are going to be massive in 2021

Who could have foreseen that the QR code would come into its own, or that linear TV audiences would grow, or that Netflix would trial a linear channel in France because consumers have “decision fatigue”?

We took stock of what was learnt and what changes might be here to stay and Sarah predicted what is going to be massive this year.

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Sarah Keith on how indies can offer greater transparency, and why price isn’t everything

At Paykel, we strongly believe that independent agencies like ours should offer greater transparency to clients. That is what we stand for.

We deliver results with honesty and transparency. We can build a level of trust with clients that larger agencies can’t often match.

Why linear programming will bring more viewers to Netflix’s content.

Why has a company whose entire brand is built around reinventing television adopted a viewing experience that dates back to the 1950s? Netflix’s foray into linear programming in France had us intrigued.

Sarah discussed why linear programming will bring more viewers to Netflix’s content.

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This week we talked about “ad loads” with Mi3.

Ad loads: BVOD and DOOH need to avoid pay TV’s mistakes

Broadcast Video on Demand (BVOD) and Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) have grown rapidly in terms of ad revenue and popularity. But it’s not all good news. We explain why managing ad inventory is just as important to advertising effectiveness.

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