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The advantages of programmatic advertising

What is programmatic? 

Programmatic advertising is the automated buying and selling of digital media driven by advanced technology.

This innovative way of buying enables you to reach bespoke audiences, effectively track where an ad is shown, what level of engagement it receives and gather data insights to improve campaign performance.

Why is Paykel excited by Programmatic?

It delivers clients increased control & real-time measurement. It’s the perfect medium to test a combination of campaign elements (audiences, creatives, locations, times etc.) and make adjustments in real-time based on actual performance. The accessibility of data enables you to modify your campaign and optimise it towards the best performing aspects, this ultimately drives better campaign outcomes.

Greater targeting capabilities

Programmatic goes beyond basic demo targeting by reaching consumers based on their online browsing behaviour. You’re also able to use the medium to boost foot traffic in your brick & mortar stores by overlaying granular geo-targeting to reach users who are in close proximity to specific store locations.

Utilising browsing behaviour allows you to custom build audiences through specific search terms and websites visited, perfect to target those ‘hard to reach’ consumers.

For example, to target ‘foodies’, Programmatic allows you to reach those who have searched up ‘restaurant’ related terms and have landed on ‘food review’ websites or apps.

Programmatic also allows you to create an audience pool based on website visitation. Therefore, there is an opportunity to re-target your website users and serve tailored creative to this audience to drive them back to your website to make a purchase.

Its rifle targeting, not shotgun

Programmatic enables clients to move away from the “spray and pray” approach and play an active role in the “consumer journey” with Programmatic. Its low costs provide enormous benefit for small businesses with limited marketing budgets.

Paykel can run a campaign for any clients interested in testing this cost effective, targeted medium.

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Saffron Carter