Television vs. Digital out-of-home: Where does screen power lie?

A hot topic in the ad world today, which saw the likes of two of media’s best, Harold Mitchell and Anne Parsons, go head to head at a Mumbrella360 conference, as they discuss which screen is most powerful in 2017.

Parson’s argument centralises on the connection between digital out of home and mobile devices, and how that partnership brings a call to action. She states, “Research proves that when you are outside your home and active, you are 2.5 times more likely to take action. You remember and you act.

“You marry that with a mobile screen and what you have is the most powerful communication source you are going to get in the next decade.”

Mitchell hits back, offering that, “Television has been a part of people’s lives for nearly three hours of the day… since 1956.” He also adds, “You can’t learn anything in seven seconds.”

So… which side does Paykel take?

We believe both screens can inform, inspire and engage consumers.  Of course, it is what is right for the client and their business objectives, that we make the decision to refer either form.

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