Search Engine Marketing (SEM).

Paid Search accounts for close to 50% of Australian online ad spend and continues to grow.

Search is the thread that runs through all brand connection, customer experience and, on and offline purchases and is an important part of a business’ marketing strategy.

It’s low cost of entry makes it an accessible media channel for small businesses with limited budgets.

94% of consumer research online before buying, often researching in-store on their mobiles. Reliance on Search means that 40% of shoppers won’t buy a brand if they can’t find it online.

In Australia, 94% of searches are on Google Search Engines.

Involved Media Google ads specialists use Google Ads latest planning and measurement tools to build and optimise campaigns that meet our clients’ objectives and goals eg leads, sales, web traffic, find potential customers, reach existing customers.

Things to consider:

  • What are my Business Objectives/Goals?
  • Who is my audience and what is their behaviour?
  • What is my audience searching for and how?
  • What is my audience’s buyer journey?
  • What are my audience pain points and how can I provide solutions?
  • What do I want my audience to do (outcome)?
  • What is a click on my site worth?

There are many targeting options for Paid search ads including:

  • Audience Targeting eg demographics, interests, life stage
  • Re-Marketing to users who have visited but not converted on previously browsed sites
  • Location Targeting
  • Date and Time Targeting
  • We work with our clients to make the process of achieving a successful Paid Search Marketing (SEM) campaign easy.

Clients we work with

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Clients say

  • Ever since our partnership began with Involved Media in 2010, they have proven they understand our business.  Involved Media deliver advice we trust and are responsive to our feedback and requests. We look forward to our continuing relationship and to growing our business together with confidence.

    Governance Institute of Australia

  • When looking for a media planning and buying agency we wanted a company which was small enough to deal one on one, but large enough to have all the skills and systems we needed. We saw consistency with Involved Media and Jalna – both are privately owned and unlisted.

    Involved Media Company has a pro-active approach to media planning and always delivers solid brand insights and strategy.  It is a true partnership which has seen continued sales growth, brand awareness increase from 58% to 81%, and conversion levels increase.


  • The team at Involved Media work closely with us providing relevant and insightful research and strategies to ensure we are reaching our customers effectively. Their ongoing campaign management is smooth and stress-free.

    Involved Media has a long history of female focus marketing and advertising clients and we, at Integria, benefit greatly from that knowledge. Their on point research and great understanding of women and their consumption and purchase preferences means we are confident that our advertising messages work hard and provide value for money.

    We enjoy partnering with Involved to help us sustain and grow our business in a highly competitive marketplace.


  • We are very happy with the collaborative partnership we have formed with Involved Media. The team is very responsive to our feedback and requests. They have shown initiative in testing new media avenues to deliver on our ongoing loop and learn approach. We see them as an extension of our marketing team. We are excited about the media possibilities available and how Involved Media can help us to continue to grow our business.

Saunders Hears

  • Meares & Associates have used Involved Media for their advertising placement exclusively since 2009. We were attracted to the Involved team as a small but dynamic agency who would give us professional, personal attention with quick turnarounds.

    Meares & Associates are marketers of rural property Australia-wide – a company which mirrors the services of Involved Media. We give our clients quick, professional advice on property marketing and as such require the same from our service providers. The Involved team are obliging, personable and at all times available to service our needs.

    Meares & Associates

  • Savills Australia have a long and rewarding relationship with Involved Media. We rely on Involved for all matters of media advice, strategic planning and booking management.

    Tony and the team are always willing to go the extra mile and not only offer excellent strategic advice, but fast and efficient systems to ensure complete control over the buying and booking process.


  • We appointed Involved Media to develop and implement multi-channel advertising campaigns including media strategy and execution – negotiation, buying, optimising and performance measurement.

    Our first campaign had a clear sales goal which was exceeded by an impressive 78% and still counting.

    Involved Media has delivered our campaign objectives based on strategic media thinking, a clear ROI and a level of service that continues to exceed our expectations.


Trusted advice.

We work with brands, creative agencies and PR agencies to meet their business objectives not just delivering media metrics. We offer media services that we can tailor to suit our clients' requirements.