Although sales of some magazines has declined, Australians still love reading them.

Research shows they are the most trusted source of information on brands and products.

Most publications are available and read across multiple platforms and access a deeply engaged audience for brands.   Some also provide mass reach particularly with women, for example, the Australian Women’s Weekly and Better Homes and Gardens have a readerships of over 1 million women.

What is interesting is the growth in the specialised titles which appeal to niche interests from photography to weddings.

There is a magazine for anyone’s interests; who could forget Bacon Busters, for pig hunters.

The magazines with the biggest readership figures are actually custom magazines produced by supermarket giants Coles and Woolworths. Each title has almost double the readership figures of the Australian Women’s Weekly or Better Homes and Gardens.

Magazines provide readers with in-depth information, in a portable form.

They engage, inspire and influence and have a longer life than many other mediums.

At Involved Media we have worked with many publishers to develop advertorials/give aways/competitions, native content or display advertising, which extend across the print and online ecosystem.

At Involved Media, we are an experienced newspaper advertising agency, highly skilled in the placement of advertising in this medium.

Over the years, we have placed thousands of advertisements for clients who have relied on us to promote their businesses in the most targeted and relevant publication/s, secure premium positions for each advertisement and negotiate the best possible rates with the various media suppliers.

Our clients use newspapers for a number of reasons:

  • announcement messaging;
  • to create urgency around a retail sale;
  • to promote their brands in premium environments;
  • to support advertising campaigns running across television, outdoor, radio and digital.


Whilst newspaper usage has declined in recent years, it has become more important than ever to utilise an independent advertising agency that understands the benefits and effectiveness of well-targeted, strategically thought-out newspaper advertising campaigns. Despite the decline of circulation of the printed version, newspaper advertising now takes many forms and our campaign strategies extend across the online and digital formats of this medium.

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