Radio advertising is cost-efficient, targeted, easy to track and extremely effective if used properly. Listeners are highly engaged and loyal, with a strong connection to their favourite station/s and announcers.

As with all media channels, radio is evolving and can be accessed anywhere, anytime by anybody.

Live radio can now be listened to via DAB+ (digital audio broadcast) in all 5 cap cities with trials beginning in some regional areas.

Catch up radio and podcasts are also available for download to listen to at any time.



Podcast sponsorship/advertising is becoming increasingly popular, taking up 7.3% of the share of audio entertainment. Their narrative style builds deeper engagement with audiences who are listening on a one to one basis, ensuring strong cut through of advertising messages. From a marketing perspective, it means that podcasts deliver highly attentive, trusting and engaged audiences, which is uncommon in comparison to many other digital media channels.

With over 20 years’ experience planning and buying radio advertising, you can be assured that Involved Media is selective in targeting specific demographics and market segments, delivering effective frequency to ensure campaigns reach the audience, the right number of times in brand safe environments.

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