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BVOD Wide Appeal

The Rise of BVOD

During the first half of 2019, BVOD (Broadcast Video On Demand) recorded in excess of 20 billion streaming minutes (Live + VOD), up 52% on the same period last year. Here at Paykel Media we are big proponents of BVOD/ CUTV channel to drive incremental reach on linear TV campaigns and deliver brand messaging in an engaged environment.


Broadcast VOD

TV watched online is BVOD. It can be watched either live (via live streaming) or on-demand and is available on a computer, mobile device or Connected TV. BVOD content is professionally produced, broadcast-quality and includes TV shows and movies, archived shows and BVOD exclusives and originals.

The rise of BVOD has been enabled by the adoption of internet enabled Smart TVs, and in addition to delivering live streaming broadcaster content into over 50% of Australian homes, BVOD also delivers unique content via digital channels and member exclusives which has a wide range of demographic appeal, as proven by OzTAM’s VPM measurement.


A new way to profile BVOD

As well as illustrating that BVOD provides incremental audience to existing reach from broadcast viewing, the soon-to-be released Virtual Oz software shows a clear younger audience profile.

Virtual Oz will deliver agencies and clients alike much greater insights into the world of BVOD – eg consumption patterns by daypart/by device and by demographic allowing media channel planning to drive greater targeted reach and deliver efficiencies for client ROI.

BVOD by day

BVOD by device

BVOD Demo profile


Top BVOD Programs L28D

  1. TEN: The Bachelor Australia – multiple episodes
  2. ABC: Utopia
  3. SBS: The Hunting
  4. ABC: Old People’s Home for 4 year olds
  5. ABC: Les Norton
  6. TEN: Australian Survivor
  7. NINE: The Block Season 15
  8. SBS: The Hand Maid’s Tale

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